Meet the team

Mark Mason Co-founder

Mark's love of technology began in a giant tool shed in Somerset. As a child, Mark delighted in taking broken things apart and rebuilding them better. This spirit of improvement was rekindled in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, when he noticed his neighbours complaining about their internet connections while they were WFH.

Having spent years working in AV and IT, Mark knew a thing or two about wifi - so he decided to set up a leased line to his own front door and buy a set of radios for his rooftop, enabling him to 'share' his internet with his community. It didn't take long for word to get out about Mark's new venture (actually, it just took a carefully targeted Facebook ad!).

Soon enough his phone rang - it was Leo, who was just as excited about emerging internet technology as him. Just like that, Brighton Fibre was born. Like Leo, Mark's a family man. The two of them are yin and yang, working together to connect up Brighton so that the community can continue to function at its best.

Leo Brown Co-founder
’Leo has been a telecommunications explorer from an early age. Aged 9 he was fascinated by the mysterious looming telephone exchange at the end of his road, and would pick through the outdated equipment BT had discarded in skips to build his own little telephone network. When he was 11 he bought his first Modem - though the internet wasn't really an internet to speak of. And never looked back...
Lydia Barrett Communications

Lydia has been with Brighton Fibre since the beginning, and brings a wealth of experience from her PR background to shape Brighton Fibre's communications strategy. Lydia also has her underground training and sometimes works on the network.

Olly Jackson Fibre Network Engineer
’Olly Jackson has always been fascinated by telecoms. When he was just 14 years old, he started going to work with his dad, who ran a cabling team for BT. Olly loved learning about how the network worked and how infrastructure was installed and maintained. He was the youngest person to do his underground safety training. Now ten years later he has started his own cable team and is responsible for deploying the entire Brighton Fibre fibre network.
Emile Busby Fibre Cabling Engineer
’Emile is a member of the fibre team that connects our fibre network across the City. A proficient splicer and cabler, he's dedicated to the cause day and night. He loves telecoms and also has a keen interest in trams and public transport vehicles, which dates back to his childhood of travelling between Denmark and the UK.